TideSmart West | Mobile Health
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Mobile Health

While traditional health screening companies offer more of a commodity solution, our extensive background in experiential marketing allows us to provide a better health screening experience for Corporate Wellness Programs. As a full-service health engagement and wellness company, we use a mix of mobile, onsite, diagnostic and digital strategies to build health engagement platforms – delivering transformative health experiences for some of the biggest and best brands, employers, non profits and healthcare stakeholders in the world. Mobile health screenings, counseling, education and enrollment services, delivered from our fleet of Mobile Health Vehicles (MHVs) by qualified health professionals.

Our programs leverage a unique, proprietary digital platform that links tour promotion, participant scheduling, reminders, onsite data capture, TPA data sharing, analysis and reporting – designed to maximize flexibility

We offer services for mobile health screenings, health screenings, product roadshows, marketing services, meeting management and creative support.

We are a fully accredited wellness agency that is CLIA, COLA certified with a strong focus on HIPAA compliancy.