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Levi Strauss Signature Fit Pit

To drive awareness and increase sales, we developed and managed brand sponsorships of NASCAR, Hendricks Racing and NASCAR Champion Jimmie Johnson. Activations were held at various tracks and at key Wal-Mart store locations, representing how brand loyalty among NASCAR fans and Wal-Mart shoppers can work together to generate results. At the center of the campaign, the “Fit Pit,” a 53′ interactive exhibit, leveraged unique “Intellifit” technology to take body measurements and recommend the “perfect” jeans for each visitor. Additional thematic offerings, including a commemorative lanyard (with a code to download personalized photos, taken in front of a Jimmie Johnson backdrop), the opportunity to win autographed apparel and the chance to wave the flag to begin the parade lap at select NASCAR races, the event consistently generated long lines of consumers and provided each with a memorable brand experience.

Build awareness among men and inspire purchases; Gain awareness among secondary audiences; Maximize key sponsorship equities.

Design and operate and innovative mobile vehicle leveraging unique technology (including Intellifit, a system that uses radio waves to measure body type and “prescribe” fits) to create a “brand oasis” at select NASCAR races and other venues

14,396,023 event impressions; 19,586,000 media impressions; 111,343 consumer interactions; 68,000 sweepstakes entries; Ex Award for Best Mobile Marketing Program (B2C), Best Vehicle Design