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Eco Marketing

“Rooftop Revolution” Mobile Tour

Lowe’s determined that a more active level of selling and consumer engagement was required to communicate the Sungevity offer and convert store traffic into iQuote requests. Lowes associate training process was not aligned with the Sungevity selling model. e.g. specialized product understanding, extended consumer engagement and application (iQuote) solicitation. The Sungevity product offering and iQuote solicitation were perceived as difficult to convey and overly complex among associates.

To increase iQuote (iQ) volume and corresponding sales. To maximize Lowe’s PSE (Product Specialists Exterior) interest, awareness and iQuote activity at select Lowe’s locations.

Leveraged trained staff, “surprise gifting”, unique tools and a memorable brand experience to increase understanding and affinity among PSE associates at targeted store locations.

Recruited, trained and deployed Sungevity Brand Specialists to facilitate associate education and experiential sales training.